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My History and Knowledge

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Hello and welcome to Digital Recording Studio Engineering Services, or DRSES of Macon, Georgia USA! For many years I have been a multi-talented Professional Engineer. and DRSES represents all of my life long learned knowledge and abilities. The Website presence for DRSES was established in October 2012, DRSES has existed in one form or another since mid 1980.
Over most of those years, those who I worked for and with gave me help working around all of my Military Service Connected Disabilities (MSCDs) and Post Traumatic Stress Syndromes (PTSSs). I wish to thank all of them for their invaluable understanding of all my medical problems when working for them and when I was unable to work for long periods of time!
Providing a Resume of my past work history is worthless. It full of my medical problems and permanent disabilities. These caused by my MSCDs (OCT1984), PTSSs (OCT1984), and later, by the VA Medical Malpractice (AUG2009-JUL2015). These are the causes of my discontinuous work record, and, eventually making me unemployable since August 2009.
With all of these adversities, I still held many different industry jobs throughout the years. It has been my continuous ability to learn, cumulative knowledge, and ever expanding creative abilities that has allowed me to be able to move in and out of so many different aspects of the Audio, Video, and Broadcast fields of study as a Professional Engineer.